5 things you can do to get your personal finance in order for H2

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So if you are already making strides with your personal finances, follow this 5 tips to keep it together. _ Leverage technology to automate – Instead of manually sorting through your cash to pay bills, move money into savings/investments – set up direct debits to handle all this movements and use apps like @findreach to track your spending. Review your asset allocation and investment mix – The investments in your account would move in different directions, as such moving out of sync with your preset asset allocation. You want to bring them back in line. Also, you want to check that nothing has changed with those investments. Review your beneficiaries – If you have had changes to your family – marriage/children – you want to make sure you update details like next of kin on your accounts. Review your insurance coverage & emergency fund – You want to check emergency funds to make sure it can still cover at least six months of living expenses. Streamline your financial documents and records – Make sure your know where all the documents and investment titles are kept. __ What other steps are you taking to get your personal finance in order for the second half.

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