I have a Million Naira in my account, how should i invest it?

Honestly, I don’t know. And maybe you shouldn’t even be investing.

However, I can tell you are the different investment options. I can tell you the risks and potential return of the different investment options. I can also tell you how to access the different options safely.

But, I can only tell you how to invest your one million naira, if you provide answers to these and a few other questions:

  • What’s the goal with these money?
  • When do you plan to need them?
  • What happens to your finances if you lose all or part of this money?

    If you don’t have emergency savings, you shouldn’t even be investing per say. You need to be thinking about building that first and ways to optimally save that.

    So if you have living expenses of N250,000 per month, you need to get your emergency savings to at least N1.5 Million before you invest this money.

Let’s assume you have that covered, all you need to do is very simple.

  • Complete a risk questionnaire to determine your risk appetite.
  • On the basis of your risk appetite, get your asset allocation.
  • Buy into different mutual funds and opportunities according to you asset allocation.
  • Review and rebalance at least bi-annually.

Realistically, the way to invest a million could be the same way you would invest ten million or a hundred thousand.

Just set up your system.

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