Where to Get Relevant Information About a Mutual Fund

All mutual funds have different characteristics – fees, risk, objectives, holdings, performance and management. As such, before investing you want to have to read up on these to make an informed decision on the appropriateness or otherwise of the mutual fund for you.

The information to make this decision can be found in the fund prospectus and the fund fact sheet.

A fund factsheet summaries key information about the mutual fund, including its performance history, investments, risk rating and the costs associated with owning it. It also provides a quick overview of the fund’s top investments, as well as the asset allocation mix of the investment portfolio.

Most mutual funds prepare a fund factsheet every month and this can be found on the website of the mutual fund company.

Also, the SEC regularly publishes the NAV (Net Asset Value) of registered mutual funds on http://www.sec.gov/data

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