Dividends: Why you should take notice

Before you close your mind to Nigerian stocks, you should read this…
By the way, the market has been steroids since the start of the year. We predicted this would happen when treasury bill crashed last year.

Anyway, to this dividend matter.

If you’ve been following the price of quoted securities for some time now, the graph is more downwards. And because of that, most people don’t like to touch stocks even with a pole.

However if you take a closer look at how these stocks have performed when you factor dividend reinvestment, the picture is a lot different.

Hopefully, you already know about the magic of compounding.

Unlike your fixed income where you can just leave an instruction for your investment to be rolled over at maturity, with stocks you have to make the active decision to reinvest your dividends.
Need further guidance on how to retrieve your dividends, send us an email – info@thriveng.org

Source: Bloomberg

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