What can you invest in – The different asset classes.

Wondering where to invest?

Well, you’d have to find something that falls under any of these categories – asset classes.

An asset class is a grouping of investments and securities that share similar characteristics and behaviour in different market conditions.

Simply, its the umbrella grouping of different investment options.

  • Cash & Cash Equivalent – Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers and Fixed Deposit.
  • Fixed Income – FGN Bonds, State Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Eurobonds.
  • Equities – Domestic Stocks and International Stocks
  • Commercial Real Estate – Rental Property
  • Commodities – Oil, Gold, Cocoa etc
  • Alternatives – P2P Lending, Private Equity, Venture Capital

In the coming days, we will look at platforms that allow you to invest in each of these.

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