What is your ‘money script’ and could it be holding you back?

Everyone has got a ‘money script’. It’s there in our heads, unconsciously shaping our financial behavior throughout our lives. Basically, it the playbook from which we make most of our money decisions.

Most of the lines of code on this script come from our childhood by observing the words and actions of parental figures. Some lines have also come from our peers, the television and social media in today’s world.

According to financial therapist, money scripts are “typically unconscious, trans-generational beliefs about money” that are “developed in childhood and drive adult financial behaviors.

Clearly, some of those stories are limiting and we need to be particularly aware of those limiting beliefs and take steps to rewrite those negative codes in our money script by building positive money habits, making positive confessions and telling ourselves new stories about money.

Whether your money script is as a result of either lacking money or being around too much of it in childhood, you can write new lines of code in adulthood.

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