The Side Effects of Social Distancing

First off, we all need to take seriously the social distancing guidelines issued by the government. The health and lives of many people depend on it.
Asides from the current social and economic effects of the corona virus, there would be aftereffects.

For instance, would we be surprised to see a baby boom in the next 9-months?
Also, could we see global warming dial back given the sharp reduction in emissions from factories, airplanes etc.

Now that couples are stuck with each other in the house, maybe they actually have those deep conversations. It could also pan out that they are in each others face to much and that could throw up issues of its own.

Anyway, I’m certain we would come out of this situation. However, many areas of our life and business are going to be completely upended.

While some industries/ businesses are going to be hurt and we would have some new industries/businesses and some would start bloom.

After this COVID-19 situation it may pan out that businesses realize they can do this remote work thing, so they scale back on leasing large office spaces in favor of co-working spaces.
It may also pan out that people figure they can leave in Ikorodu and work on the Island, if they only need to make the commute once or twice in a week.

Anyway, I think there would be many unintended consequences from this crisis and those who are able to correctly identify the winners and losers would be the success stories of this decade.

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