The Widow and the Jars of Oil – Lesson 2

We move to the second verse. “What shall I do?” Elisha asked. “How much food do you have in the house?” Nothing at all, except a jar of olive oil, ” she replied. – II King 4:2 (LB)

What came to mind here is this – it isn’t just about resources or the lack thereof but resourcefulness i.e taking what you have and putting it to work.

Even though, the widow had written it off as nothing. She didn’t think it was worth much and it probably wasn’t worth much anyway. Here we see a miracle that changed the story from a jar of oil (probably half used) to jars of oil.

The question then becomes what do you have in your life or in your house that you have written off?

That voice, that inquisitive mind, those creative hands… They may not be worth much now but with some effort and a big dose of favour, you’d be shocked at what could come out of it.

In simple English, do not write off any thing or any skill or any relationship. Explore every one of them, you never know which one will ‘blow’

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