The Widow and the Jars of Oil – Lesson 3

We move to the third verse. “Then borrow many pots and pans from your friends and neighbours!” he instructed. – II Kings 4:3 (LB)

This speaks about leverage and relationships.

Interestingly, the original problem was a debt problem, now the solution involves more debt.

There’s many approaches to debt – some think it’s a sin, some loathe it, some are indifferent and some swim in debt.

I think when used responsibly, debt provides leverage. How many pots and pans could one household have but by borrowing, they were able to scale their miracle.

Debt isn’t inherently good or bad, the thing is – What are you borrowing for? How would you pay back?

Relationships are also a good source of leverage. Imagine, if they were the nasty neighbours, who would lend them pots and pans?

In summary, have good credit (be creditworthy) and have good relationships. They can be game changers for your finances.

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