Review The Sufficiency Of Your Insurance Arrangements

#365 Days Of Financial Capability – Day 9

Here you want to ensure your valuables are properly insured as much as you can afford to have them insured.

You want to look out for things like

  1. If you currently have a third party insurance on your car can you afford to get a comprehensive insurance?
  2. If you already have a comprehensive insurance, do you need to get a better one?
  3. Do you need a life insurance? If you already do, is the sum assured adequate?
    *Sum assured is the payout on a life insurance.
  4. Do you have health insurance? Is your current plan able to give you access to the kind of medical care you need?

ps: Someone said, selling insurance in Africa is like competing with God. Who can battle the Lord? But seriously though, health insurance is very important… It’s relatively cheaper and may seem like a waste when you don’t use it but it becomes expensive, may not be accessible and becomes very valuable when you need to use it.

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We are a financial education company with the mission to spread the message of financial capability – the knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to act on financial matters.

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