Review Your Employment Contract And Benefits

#365 Days Of Financial Capability – Day 11

Quite similar to yesterday, but this time we are looking at employee-employer fit.

Reviewing and negotiating your employment contract can be very important, as you benefit greatly from ensuring that the terms of the contract favour you and your career growth and align with your expectations of the role.

Employers are often assessing if an employee is fit for an organisation from a culture perspective.. Perhaps, as an employee you should also assess if the organisation aligns with your values.

Also, you want to assess how competitive your remuneration is vis-a-vis other similar firms or the value you are bringing to the table… This gives you something to think about with regards to asking for a raise, increase the value you bring to organisation or seeking a move.

Lastly, do you know all the benefits and are you currently assessing all the benefits your employer provides… If your employer pays for gym membership and you are still paying for that service out-of-pocket, that’s money you could have saved.

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