Review Your Subscriptions And Cancel Unused Plans

#365 Days Of Financial Capability – Day 5

Perhaps you haven’t watched Netflix or forgot to cancel that one-month free trial; if you have these services set to autopay and you don’t use them, you’ll end up wasting money on them each month. 

You want to trim your monthly expenses by cutting out all subscriptions you aren’t using.

When last did you go to the gym, are you still paying for it?

When last did you order on Amazon Prime, are you still paying for it?

To Do

+ Review your expenses to make sure you aren’t paying for any services or products you aren’t using or you don’t use enough to justify the subscription.

+ Check your app store, to make sure you don’t have any free trial you have forgotten to cancel.

About Thrive Financial Advisors

We are a financial education company with the mission to spread the message of financial capability – the knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to act on financial matters.

Ready to develop your financial capability and become #Fintelligent?

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