Shop Around For Better Terms On Any Loans

365 Days Of Financial Capability – Day 13

If you have any loans, especially as a business person, Interest expense could be a significant drag.

As such, getting better terms such as payment options and interest rates can leave more cash/profit in your pocket, with which you can make investments.

If you find a bank/lender with better terms, it may be worth having a conversation to transfer your loan to them or even negotiate with your current lender.

This is a win-win for both parties, your business/personal finance remains strong and the lender is able to get the loan repaid without any hassle.

About Thrive Financial Advisors

We are a financial education company with the mission to spread the message of financial capability – the knowledge, confidence, and opportunity to act on financial matters.

Ready to develop your financial capability and become #Fintelligent?

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