Our Founder

Kayode is an securities trader with over 10-years of trading equity and fixed income instruments and running an investment club in Nigeria.

Who we are…

We are a financial education company focused on helping young professionals and entrepreneurs develop the right attitudes, acquire the right knowledge and gain the confidence to make the money management decisions required to navigate the path towards abundance.


Our Vision

To be the most respected workplace financial education provider.

Our Promise

To deliver well researched financial education content.

Our Mission

To spread the message of financial capability.

Our Value

Respect | Integrity | Collaboration | High-Quality

Who we serve…

We are here for the young and upcoming prosperous.

Are you are a 20something or 30something with high educational attainment and high income potential who wants a more structured approach to managing your finances so you can navigate the path towards financial abundance? We are here for you!

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