CBN: No Plan to Convert Bank Customers’ Foreign Currency into Naira

Your Morning Snippets – August 03, 2021 On this day in 1914, two days after declaring war on Russia, Germany declares war on France, moving ahead with a long-held strategy, conceived by the former chief of staff of the German army, Alfred von Schlieffen, for a two-front war against France and Russia. Hours later, FranceContinue reading “CBN: No Plan to Convert Bank Customers’ Foreign Currency into Naira”

Naira slumps to 523 against dollar at parallel market

Your Morning Snippets – July 29, 2021 On this day in 1909, the newly formed General Motors Corporation (GM) acquires the country’s leading luxury automaker, the Cadillac Automobile Company, for $4.5 million. Cadillac was founded out of the ruins of automotive pioneer Henry Ford’s second failed company (his third effort, the Ford Motor Company, finallyContinue reading “Naira slumps to 523 against dollar at parallel market”

Tesla Reports Stronger-than-Expected Quarterly Earnings

Your Morning Snippets – July 27, 2021 On this day in 1949, the world’s first jet-propelled airliner, the British De Havilland Comet, makes its maiden test-flight in England. The jet engine would ultimately revolutionize the airline industry, shrinking air travel time in half by enabling planes to climb faster and fly higher.

Getting started as an Investor

Before you get started as an investor, you need to earn the right to invest and to earn that right you need to do the following things: Determine your current financial situation and estimate your net worth – As with every journey, it must start with identifying clearly where you currently stand. This entails accessingContinue reading “Getting started as an Investor”

The Widow and the Jars of Oil – Lesson 3

We move to the third verse. “Then borrow many pots and pans from your friends and neighbours!” he instructed. – II Kings 4:3 (LB) This speaks about leverage and relationships. Interestingly, the original problem was a debt problem, now the solution involves more debt. There’s many approaches to debt – some think it’s a sin,Continue reading “The Widow and the Jars of Oil – Lesson 3”