How Different Couples are Splitting their Bills

The modern family no longer relies on one person being the breadwinner and handling all the money stuff – income, paying bills and investing. Today, both men and women are bringing in the bacon or as I saw this morning, someone brings the bread and the other brings akara. However, this doesn’t mean that theContinue reading “How Different Couples are Splitting their Bills”

Navigating Different Money Habits in a Relationship

Because money habits can be ingrained in our personalities, differences around money management causes a lot of stress in many relationships. So what do you do if your spending styles are divergent? Identify your spending habits – Most relationships would typically have one partner that is a saver and another that is a spender. That’sContinue reading “Navigating Different Money Habits in a Relationship”

Options for Merging Finances after Marriage

There’s is often the debate on whether couples should manage their finances with a joint account or continue to operate separate accounts. Which of them do you or would you want to use? So I think, success with whichever way you go about it largely depends on financial circumstance and spending styles of the couple.Continue reading “Options for Merging Finances after Marriage”