Some Common Approaches to Stock Selection

The job of a portfolio manager is to find the best security, the best sector and the best country to invest their clients’ money. There are different ways by which investment managers take on this task. Here we share a few: Bottom-Up Approach – The manager focuses on selecting individual companies they think would doContinue reading “Some Common Approaches to Stock Selection”

The Magic of Compound Interest

Compounding is described as the eighth wonder of the world and/or man’s greatest invention, compound interest is the silver bullet for growing your money. According to Benjamin Franklin, this is the best way he knew how to get rich. Simply put, compounding means earning additional interest income on already earned interest income. It is the snowballContinue reading “The Magic of Compound Interest”

Build your Emergency Savings

Once you start investing you would realize that the markets can swing wildly and without a stash of cash to cover during an emergency, you could be forced to exit your investments in a down market. Hence, the need to have an emergency savings fund. Also, all investments involve some risk of losing some orContinue reading “Build your Emergency Savings”