Access Bank CEO has sold NGN 1 Billion of company stock this January

A filling on the NSE revealed that Access Bank CEO has sold about 100 million shares worth just over a billion Naira since the turn of the year. The trades we’re done over days between Jan 10 and Jan 20 at an average price of N10.44 Bloomberg reports that the CEO owns about 1.44 billionContinue reading “Access Bank CEO has sold NGN 1 Billion of company stock this January”

Some Common Approaches to Stock Selection

The job of a portfolio manager is to find the best security, the best sector and the best country to invest their clients’ money. There are different ways by which investment managers take on this task. Here we share a few: Bottom-Up Approach – The manager focuses on selecting individual companies they think would doContinue reading “Some Common Approaches to Stock Selection”

Don’t try to time the market

“Let’s say it clearly: No one knows where the market is going-experts or novices, soothsayers or astrologers. That’s the simple truth.” – Fortune  With all the education we have today and real-time access to financial news, trying to time the market would seem like a brilliant thing to do and you’d expect to make aContinue reading “Don’t try to time the market”

Invest in things you understand

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand” – Warren Buffett You would imagine that the common sense to do is to invest in things you understand and can probably explain clearly to a fifth grader, unfortunately, it so happens that every day, many people are putting their money into things they do not understand.Continue reading “Invest in things you understand”

7 Myths about investing, debunked

There’s a lot of information about investing floating around on the internet and even on social media, offering to help first-time investors. Many of them are useful, however, some are out-and-out lies and misconceptions that can be very costly and significantly hurt your investment portfolio. We’d like to help you examine and debunk some ofContinue reading “7 Myths about investing, debunked”

How to Invest in Stocks: 10 Steps to Start Investing

If you look at the data, over the past 20-years, if you have invested in the broad market portfolio on the last trading day of every month, you would have realized an annual percentage yield of 10%. In simple English, an investment of N100 thousand on the last day of every month in the lastContinue reading “How to Invest in Stocks: 10 Steps to Start Investing”

Finding valuable shares to invest in

Professional investment managers have a wealth of tools and sometimes a team of analyst to scour the market for bargain stocks. As an average person, who just wants to invest, you don’t need to know how to find a company’s valuation using any of the tools professionals use, like DCF (Discounted Cash Flow Model) orContinue reading “Finding valuable shares to invest in”

Monitor Your Investments

Perhaps the biggest disservice you can do to yourself with regards to achieving your investment goals, is to spend so much time planning your portfolio, so much money building your portfolio and then not monitor it. Investing is not an end unto itself, but rather a means to an end for most people i.e. investingContinue reading “Monitor Your Investments”

Keep an eye on fees and transaction costs

All investments have a cost, as they say, you have to spend money to make money. Those fees and charges can make or mar your investment. For instance, of what benefit is investing in an asset with an expected return of 10% when inflation is 8% and transaction fees are 3%. Your net return afterContinue reading “Keep an eye on fees and transaction costs”