I was referred to Kayode by a good friend. I have a basic understanding of the financial market and more of a saver than an investor. As a disciplined saver, I needed someone to help me make calculated investment plan based on my personal financial goals and broader aspirations. Kayode is highly personable and was able to help me understand my risk appetite, create a personalized investment plan but more so importantly, provide guidance on how to ‘think like an investor’. As a result, I feel confident to make my first investment.

It provides necessary information in a short and concise form. I loved that I did not need to read too much information to understand what was being passed across. Overall, I really enjoyed going through this course. The excel sheets for calculating personal cashflow and net worth were really good additions, which I’m sure are going to be extremely helpful in managing my finances. You did justice to this course, and thank you once again. I’m definitely recommending to my friends.

The practical examples of an already built portfolio, because it helped me put mine into perspective; the concept of rebalancing, I felt like I should own more of profitable stocks. The mindset restructuring from the personal finance is personal sessions at the start of the course because you can’t achieve much as an investor if you don’t know yourself and what you stand for.

I also like the friendly atmosphere the members created during the course of the teaching. The zoom meetings and the method used in teaching made it easy to understand. I like the format the lessons were sent, the fact that we meet daily to talk better about the teachings. Some of my key takeaways – How to plan my future, take advantage of opportunites, expose myself to gaining more knowledge too

Thanks a lot coach Kayode for your time and sharing nuggets of wisdom on investments with us.

Many thanks Kay for the lessons. Thanks to everyone for the insightful and inspiring contributions.

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